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If you’ve ever flown into New York City, you know what the traffic can be like as you try to get from the airport to your Manhattan hotel. If you live in The Big Apple or in one of its suburbs, you also know what the streets can look like when they are clogged with cars. That’s why many people take the subway!

The largest city in America has numerous freeways cutting throw it and surrounding it, as well as city streets that were designed and built long before New York’s population was in the double-digit millions.

If you are on one of the crowded freeways, such as I-95 coming up the west side of the city or on the Long Island Expressway (I-495) east to get to Brooklyn or L.I., you can easily end up in a large pack of speeding cars, and you will need to keep pace or get run over.

The Van Wyck Expressway (I-678) and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway ((I-278) are also freeways that can resemble the jumble of cars on a NASCAR track at certain hours of the day.

Within the city limits, famed streets such as 5th Avenue and West 57th Street are fun to walk down, not so fun to drive down. You can end up in a long line of cars and not be able to get through an intersection without running a red light. A camera will probably take your picture, or you can remain in the middle of the intersection and risk a $115 fine for “blocking the box”—not much of a choice.

That’s just one of the pricey fines that you can incur in the city. Others range from $145-$685 for speeding and $100-$300 for running a red light.

Now, about those red lights. A suit was brought last year over the timing used with the red light cameras in the city. Federal law stipulates that drivers should have a full three seconds to get through a 30 mph intersection after the light turns yellow. Yet, engineers with AAA New York have found that some yellow lights flash to red a full ½ second quicker in the city.

Now, all of the city’s 150 red-light cameras are in question, and the $235 million that they have generated over the past five years looks inflated and suspicious. In 2010, for instance, 1 million drivers were given red-light tickets in the city!

For this reason and many others, when you receive a ticket from an officer or open one in the mail, you can be tempted to just mail in your fine or pay it online, thus admitting your guilt with no question. Perhaps you want to avoid the presumed hassle of appealing your fine, but if you find a good New York traffic ticket attorney, you can appeal your ticket with little time and money expended.

A qualified New York traffic ticket lawyer can help you explore the many possible foul-ups that led to your alleged violation. That can be very helpful, considering how many points can be added to your driving record and how your insurance company will react if points are added: with large increases in your premiums.

If you have a shaky record to begin with, added points could lead to the loss of your license, which could possibly lead to the loss of your job if your contract maintains that you must keep a valid driver’s license, which many do.

A New York speeding ticket lawyer can investigate and see if any of these scenarios led to a questionable reading of your speed:

A New York speeding ticket lawyer can obtain maintenance records for all speed-recording devices as s/he uses the process of Discovery. If any problems are discovered, your case can be quickly dismissed.

Don’t let the expensive ripple effect of a traffic ticket gain momentum. Challenge your offense with the help of a skilled New York traffic ticket attorney.


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